Clevisco: Premier Tesla Accessories Supplier – Model 3 & Model Y Shades

More Profit, More Comfort

Introducing Clevisco's Exclusive Tesla Shades for Model 3 & Model Y: Your B2B Solution

Elevate your Customer

Choose between two beautiful colors that match your Brand

Clevisco's Exclusive Edge

Unique Polymer Advantage

Our Tesla Shades feature a hallmark polymer mesh, showcasing our commitment to quality and performance. Choose Clevisco for top-tier comfort, efficiency, and fleet success.

Efficiency Unleashed

A Smart Fleet Choice

Beyond comfort, our shades cut AC consumption by 50%, lowering battery use, and reducing operational costs. Less charger time means more road coverage for commercial vehicles.

The Power of Clevisco Shades

Redefining Comfort and Efficiency

Our Tesla Shades reduce cabin heat by over 70% using unique polymer mesh technology, blocking 99% of light and UV rays for unmatched comfort, even in extreme heat conditions.

Ready to transform your fleet?

Contact our dedicated B2B team today to discuss bulk orders, customization options, and how Clevisco as a supplier can take your fleet to the next level.