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  •  a tesla model 3 parked outside a contemporary building with large windows and beige walls, under a clear sky. The car has a streamlined design, with black and blue accents along the sides and wheels. The building has large, dark tinted windows and is painted in light beige color.
  • Clevisco automotive tesla collage
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  •  a modern gaming controller, prominently displayed against a dark background. The controller has an ergonomic design with curves for comfortable grip. It features standard buttons, analog sticks, and a directional pad, indicating it’s meant for comprehensive gameplay experiences. The object is illuminated by vibrant purple and blue lights from the sides, creating an aesthetic glow and emphasizing the controller’s shape. The background is dark which makes the colorful illumination stand out even more.
  • A collage of clevisco gaming product's like the precision ergonomic mouse in the left bottom corner, a gaming mousepad with a wireless charger and rgb lighting in the top right corner and gaming earphones in the bottom right corner.
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  • a collection of black and dark-colored electronic devices and accessories laid out on a dark surface. These include a smartphone, game controller, smartwatch, earbuds case, and other items. To the left of the smartphone, there’s a game controller with visible buttons and analog sticks. Above the game controller is what appears to be a smartwatch with a rectangular face. A pair of closed earbuds or charging case is located to the right of the smartphone.
  • A collage representing a variety of electronic Items like a usb charger cable in the bottom left corner, a pair of earphone in the top right corner and in the bottom right corner there is a image of industrial grade studio lights
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