No Spam No Hustle Policy

Clevisco's No Hustle, No Spam Policy

Clevisco's No Hustle, No Spam Policy

At Clevisco, we are dedicated to maintaining a respectful and transparent relationship with our customers. Our foundation is built on the principles of permission marketing, a philosophy that respects your personal space and choice throughout our entire interaction. Here’s how we embody these principles:

Permission First

We believe in asking for your permission at each step of the customer journey. This means we will only send you information, offers, or updates when we have your explicit consent to do so. We promise to respect the boundaries of this permission, ensuring that our communication is always welcome and relevant to your interests.

No Unsolicited Outreach

Our commitment is to a no hustle, no spam approach. This means we will never reach out to make a sale or send unsolicited emails to capture your attention. We wait for you to start the conversation, ensuring that our interactions are always initiated by you and cater to your current interests and needs.

Anti-Spam Stance

We share your disdain for spam. At Clevisco, using SMS or emails to send advertisements without explicit consent is against our policy. We ensure that our SMS and email communications are limited to order confirmations and tracking notifications, except when you have willingly subscribed to receive more from us.

Subscription with a Difference

For those who choose to subscribe to our communications, we promise to uphold our values of respect and consent. You will only receive content that adds value, insights, or offers that align with your interests and needs. And, at any point, if you feel the need to adjust your preferences or unsubscribe, we will make the process straightforward and immediate.

Your Control

Our relationship with you is based on trust and mutual respect. This policy is our commitment to you, ensuring that your experience with Clevisco is positive, respectful, and free from unwelcome interruptions. We are here to offer value, not to overwhelm or hustle.